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BIGRADAP GROUP TECHNOLOGIES (PTY) LTD is a specialist IT company providing customised ICT based solutions and services to the public and private sectors in Africa. We used SIMP System to design, develop, implement and maintain customized IT Solution aligned to African realities and context. Our solutions include all lines, security, capacity planning, business continuity ,disaster recovery, planning and testing. Bigradap Group Technologies has its head office in Centurion, with a branch in the Democratic Republic of Congo and representatives globally. The company is led by CEO Mr EL Bienvenu Mopulunga Ikaka with the company having over 30 years of experience in the IT industry.


What we do

Bigradap Group Technologies uses a 4 phase business approach for our clients. Our professional consultancy team ensures that we understand the client’s objectives by assessing their needs through research and surveys so that we can provide flexible unique systems. Design and development is from concept aligned to the African realities and context to finally customised unique and multi-sectoral solutions which can be upgraded at any point for our clients. All our systems are implemented with full security, flexibility and globally. We can build any solution for any sector and our systems are supported through transfer of skill and knowledge together with direct and online support and training.


Our core platform SIMP

Unique multi-sectoral integrated permanent system

Bigradap Group Technologies uses SIMP to customise and build any solution for any sector in the industry
Below is the demonstration of our components of the SIMP Platform.


Data Registration

BG Biometrics Kits™

Data Collection & Integration

Data Transmission

Data Processing

Centralisation & Customisation

Document Personalisation

Multi-Sectoral Modules

Data Access

Web & Android

Desktop Platforms

Network Security


Below are some of the customised solutions from our SIMP Platform »

Election Management Solution

Civil & Identity Solution

Census Management Solution

Tracking Solution

Security & Surveillance

ICT Solutions

Access Control & Alarm Solutions

Technical Documentation Solution

Archiving Solution

E-Gov Solutions

Firearm Control Solution

Prison Management Solution

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